Welcome to the 3 star Hotel Brandl - Holidays in San Candido!

Hotel Brandl is the ideal choice for your holidays in San Candido! Hotel Brandl is synonymous with the maximum pleasure in a suggestive setting with a complete program for the wellness of your body, mind, and spirit, and above all, entirely special comfort in the heart of San Candido.

Reception deskWe’ve long been known to satisfy even the most demanding guests, who have only the highest expectations for their vacation in Upper Val Pusteria among the soaring peaks of the Dolomiti Alps (and Vedrette di Ries). You’ll live the best days of the year right here in this uniquely enchanting place discovering the secrets to real relaxation and repose. 

Let yourself be spoiled in an ambience that will inebriate your senses in a harmonious blend of South Tyrol tradition and modern comfort that begins with the warm welcome to the Hotel Brandl in San Candido from the Holzer Family. Your wellbeing will occupy their every attention! 

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